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SolidCAM Additive GmbH

Gewerbepark H.A.U. 36, Schramberg, 78713, Germany

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SolidCAM Additive - we pursue a holistic solution approach: With the synergy of 3D printing of metal components and the existing CAM and machining know-how, we want to offer technologically and economically optimal solutions. That is why we have deepened our collaboration with one of the leading s... Read More

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Joerg Vollmann-Schipper


2 3D Printers
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Workshop Capabilities

AssemblyDeburring3D printing


General machiningAutomotiveAerospaceMedicalElectronicsMoldDefenseMarine


InconelTitaniumCarbon SteelStainless steelCopperOther

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08 Nov, 2022

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