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I am a buyerI need a Manufacturer to do my CNC machining work, 3D Printing work or a combination
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Get your parts programmed and machined by our Manufacturers, using SolidCAM - the leading CAM software

Manufacturers are all Job Shops that have the SolidCAM CAM software under valid subscription, and the iMachining amazing technology module.

I am a manufacturerI want to find a job that best suits my workshop capabilities
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Find projects that suit your workshop capabilities

Buyers from all over the world can give you CNC jobs for your Job Shop. Manufacturer account is meant only for SolidCAM users and requires a valid SolidCAM license.

I am looking for workI want to get hired for my skills as a CNC professional.
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Get hired by verified Manufacturers

Looking to work as a CNC professional? Build your profile. Apply to work with one of our verified manufacturers.

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